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 Having purchased your beautiful luxurious Bed and Headboard at Ballinrobe Furniture & Carpet Centre Ltd why not complete your perfect bedroom with a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside locker or even a bedroom chair to match that headboard.   Again bedroom chairs and headboards can be coordinated from our new selection of fabrics. Call to see us at Ballinrobe Furniture, you will be glad you called.

Headboards & Bedroom Chairs

  • 01-_Headboards_available_in_any_size_or_colour01-_Headboards_available_in_any_size_or_colour
  • 02-BB- Aspen Headboard -all sizes and colours-02-BB- Aspen Headboard -all sizes and colours-
  • 03-BB- Deco Headboard -all sizes and colours-03-BB- Deco Headboard -all sizes and colours-
  • 03-BB- Tiffany Headboard -all sizes and colours-03-BB- Tiffany Headboard -all sizes and colours-
  • 04-BB- Riveria Wall Mounted Headboard -all sizes and colours04-BB- Riveria Wall Mounted Headboard -all sizes and colours
  • 05-BB- Solitude Headboard -all sizes and colours05-BB- Solitude Headboard -all sizes and colours
  • 06-BB- Turin Headboard -all sizes and colours-06-BB- Turin Headboard -all sizes and colours-
  • 08-AN- Headboard -Black-Brown-White- Sizes-3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-08-AN- Headboard -Black-Brown-White- Sizes-3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-
  • 09-AN-headboard -Black-Brown-White- Sizes 3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-09-AN-headboard -Black-Brown-White- Sizes 3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-
  • 10-AN- tosca headboards -Black or Brown- -Sizes 3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-6ft-10-AN- tosca headboards -Black or Brown- -Sizes 3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-6ft-
  • 11-AN- tosca headboards -Brown or Black- -Sizes 3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-6ft11-AN- tosca headboards -Brown or Black- -Sizes 3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-6ft
  • 13-AN- Oak Headboard -3ft and 4ft and 4ft6 and 5ft13-AN- Oak Headboard -3ft and 4ft and 4ft6 and 5ft
  • 14-WB - Pine Headboard -3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-14-WB - Pine Headboard -3ft-4ft-4ft6-5ft-
  • 15-AN- Ivory Headboard - 3ft and 4ft and 4ft615-AN- Ivory Headboard - 3ft and 4ft and 4ft6
  • 16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair - Silver16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair - Silver
  • 16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair- Blue16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair- Blue
  • 16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair- Mink16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair- Mink
  • 16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair- Purple16 GI Ashley Velvet Chair- Purple
  • 18-AN- hannah armchairs18-AN- hannah armchairs
  • 20-AN- finchley armchair charcoal or beige20-AN- finchley armchair charcoal or beige
  • 21-AN- fulham armchair beige or charcoal21-AN- fulham armchair beige or charcoal
  • 22-AN- harlow armchair beige or charcoal22-AN- harlow armchair beige or charcoal
  • 23-DE- Bedroom Chair - selection of colours23-DE- Bedroom Chair - selection of colours
  • 24-DE-Louis Armchair24-DE-Louis Armchair
  • 25-AN- 2 seater bouroir25-AN- 2 seater bouroir
  • 26-AN- boudoir bench26-AN- boudoir bench
  • 27-AN- cheval mirrors27-AN- cheval mirrors

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