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At Ballinrobe Furniture & Carpet Centre Ltd, we are confident you will find the perfect mattress in our store as we stock a large selection of mattresses with quality and comfort in mind and all at great great prices.   Mattresses in each collection have a wide variety of sizes, comfort ratings, springs and fillings.   Our stunning selection of luxury and budget mattresses are available in all the standard sizes, including Single (3ft),  Small Double (4ft), Double (4ft 6ins), King (5ft) and Super King (6ft).  Please check with us if you require a SPECIAL SIZE MATTRESS or DIVAN BASE as we can supply you with a range of mattresses and divan bases from our Comfort Collection in ANY SIZE. 
To find the perfect accompaniment to your mattress we offer a large selection of Divan Bases, Headboards and Bed Frames again available in all sizes.  Divan Bases come in a new selection of beautiful fabrics and colours to match your Headboard.  
If you are considering purchasing a mattress we strongly recommend that you visit our Showroom to check out our range of mattresses.  Please contact us for more information, we will be glad to help you.

Mattresses & Divan Bases

  • 01-NS- Mattress and Divan Base -available in all sizes-01-NS- Mattress and Divan Base -available in all sizes-
  • 02-AN-Seymour Bed02-AN-Seymour Bed
  • 0202
  • 03 BB Champagne Mattress New03 BB Champagne Mattress New
  • 03 Natural Sleep Range of Beds03 Natural Sleep Range of Beds
  • 04_Zip_and_Link_Mattress_with_Divan_Base04_Zip_and_Link_Mattress_with_Divan_Base
  • 05-BB- reflect visco05-BB- reflect visco
  • 07 BB- Sleep Sense Natural07 BB- Sleep Sense Natural
  • 08 BB- Sleep Sense Reflex08 BB- Sleep Sense Reflex
  • 09 BB- Sleep Sense Gelvisco09 BB- Sleep Sense Gelvisco
  • 10 BB -Rem 140010 BB -Rem 1400
  • 11 BB -Rem 160011 BB -Rem 1600
  • 12 BB Rem 1400 Ottoman Base Open12 BB Rem 1400 Ottoman Base Open
  • 13-BB- Back Supporter Reflex13-BB- Back Supporter Reflex
  • 14-BB- Back Supporter Gel Visco14-BB- Back Supporter Gel Visco
  • 15-BB- Innergy Reflex15-BB- Innergy Reflex
  • 16-BB- Innergy 1600 Visco16-BB- Innergy 1600 Visco
  • 17-BB- Pocket Natural 1800 Mattress with Chrome Leg17-BB- Pocket Natural 1800 Mattress with Chrome Leg
  • 18-BB- Pocket Gel 180018-BB- Pocket Gel 1800
  • 19-BB- Pocket Latex 1800 Mattress with Divan Chrome Legs19-BB- Pocket Latex 1800 Mattress with Divan Chrome Legs
  • 24-BB- Medicoil 100024-BB- Medicoil 1000
  • 25-BB- Medicoil 300025-BB- Medicoil 3000
  • 27-BB- Shepherds Dream27-BB- Shepherds Dream
  • 31- President Mattress31- President Mattress
  • 32- President Mattress -close up-32- President Mattress -close up-
  • 34- Sorrento Mattress34- Sorrento Mattress
  • 35- Sorrento Mattress -close up-35- Sorrento Mattress -close up-
  • 40- Reflect Visco Mattress -all sizes-40- Reflect Visco Mattress -all sizes-
  • 41- Relection Mattress -all sizes-41- Relection Mattress -all sizes-
  • 44-BB- Guest Overnighter Bed44-BB- Guest Overnighter Bed
  • 45- SHE - Adjustable Beds45- SHE - Adjustable Beds

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